For our pods we use the same compositions as our blends in beans/ground but we modify the degree of roasting in order to further enhance the aromatic profile because the pods machines works at different temperatures and pressures compared to professional espresso machines.

Relive the origin

Coffee was introduced to India in the late 17th century. The story goes that an Indian pilgrim to Mecca, known as Baba Budan, smuggled seven beans to India from Yemen in 1670 (it was illegal at the time to take coffee seeds out of the Arabian Peninsula) and planted them in the Chandragiri Hills of Karnataka . The Dutch (who occupied much of India throughout the 17th century) helped spread coffee cultivation across the country, but it was with the arrival of British colonialism in the mid-19th century that commercial coffee cultivation reached its peak. development. Arabica plants were initially widespread, but rust infestations of coffee leaves led many farms to replace them with Robusta plants or Arabica / Liberica hybrids.

  • Region: Karnataka
  • Altitude: 800/1200 m
  • Farmer: many small farmers
  • Variety: Robusta
  • Process: washed
  • Taste: spices and cocoa

The territory

Coffee in India is mainly grown in three regions: Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, our SINGLE ORIGIN INDIA KAAPI ROYALE comes from different farms in the Karnataka region. Each farm is managed by small farmers and the plants are grown at an altitude of about 800/1000 m.

The processing

Once harvested by hand between the months of March and April, the drupes are processed with the washed method.

In the cup

In espresso our SINGLE ORIGIN INDIA KAAPI ROYALE has a thick and dark crema, to the taste this coffee has a strong body with notes of spices and cocoa with a slight hint of sandalwood.


  • Net weight of coffee pod: 7 g
  • Pods 44 mm and 38 mm
  • Individually packaged pod in a protective atmosphere


  • Individually packaged pods – 10 pods bag
  • Box with 100 pods


  • Pod + coffee: industrial compost
  • Carton: paper
  • Pod bag: plastic