Our Specialty supply chain system has one goal to keep the quality of our coffees high!

The passion with which we choose every single drupe

Our first direct import from the plantations took place in 1990. That year we bought Arabica coffee from the island of Flores in Indonesia. Since then, our attention to traceability has become the basis of our work, for this reason we only buy from plantations that follow a working method that falls within the parameters of our code of ethics. We only import farmer’s coffee where respect for the environment is the basis of their crops. When we are unable to buy directly from the plantations due to import difficulties, we rely on the experience of our trusted coffee hunters, who are able to guarantee us a short and controlled but above all transparent supply chain.

1. Quality control

A fundamental phase for the search for the perfect grain

Before buying our coffees, we evaluate the samples that are sent to us, we check that the moisture values of the bean comply with the standards, we select the grains in order to identify any visual defects with the use of blue UV lights and finally we evaluate the taste with the cupping method, once the batch is approved we buy a certain quantity. With each subsequent purchase, the quality control of the raw material restarts from scratch, so we will modify the information on the traceability and sensory notes of each coffee lot.

2. Roasting and packaging

Artisan roasting combined with research and study

In roasting we have 4 roasters, one of 60 kg, one of 2 kg and two roasters for the samples, once our coffees are roasted, they are air-cooled and when we have to create the blends we mix them inside a mixer by inserting the coffees. from single origin within it following our recipes that are constantly perfected also on the basis of the coffees purchased.

Once our beans have been roasted, they are packaged in triple-layer bags for the 1000 g packs, while the 250 g and 500 g bags are made of 100% recyclable plastic material, furthermore all our packs are CO2neutral, meaning that during their production and printing was not emitted CO2.2.

All our bags of 250 and 500 g are packaged in a protective atmosphere, which means that each pack contains nitrogen and only a minimum part of oxygen, this avoids the oxidation of the beans and improves the maintenance of the coffee over time.

On each bag of coffee there are some fundamental information to fully understand each batch, moreover the roasting date is printed on the bottom or side of all the packs, fundamental information both for us and for the final customer.