Passion for quality since 1964

There are passions that are handed down from father to son


In the center of the town of Massa Lombarda a small coffee roaster was just born, Paolo Asioli starts working as a roaster, the job fascinates him more and more and so he decides that coffee will be part of his future, his dream is to open a roastery.


After almost 15 years of work in roasting, Paolo realizes his dream of him, he founds his own coffee roaster, Torrefazione Caffè Tobia’s in the same town where he had learned to work the raw material, green coffee. He starts with the help of his wife in a small workshop with a 30 kg roaster and a foot welder.


Paolo’s coffee is known and appreciated by many people in the neighboring provinces, so he decides to expand with a new establishment with an adjoining sales shop. Paolo is among the first in Italy to start selling coffee from a single country of origin, because he wanted to make people understand the integrity of the raw material.


His son Gabriele undertook a study of agriculture and botany, he was passionate about ornithology and paleontology and after numerous trips to Denmark, France, Germany, England and the Netherlands he realized that coffee did not stop at the classic single-origin espresso or moka, this leads him to continue in his father’s footsteps and to deepen what will become his first passion, coffee.


The roasting company logo changes and the motto becomes “passion for quality since 1964”. In addition, to contribute to the spread of quality coffee in everyone’s homes, the company invests in a range of ESE (easy espresso serving) pods of Arabica coffee for machines for domestic use.


Gabriele wants to give a new face to the company founded by his father by creating a more captivating image, looking for the highest quality raw materials to be able to be appreciated also on the foreign market, with the final aim of achieving the company philosophy based on craftsmanship and excellence of products.


After more than 5 years of marketing and brand identity studies Gabriele decides that the name of the new and most innovative roasting company will be: PARADISO ROASTING, the choice of the name is due to two reasons: the first because the goal of Gabriele’s coffee is that to make people perceive heavenly tastes and the second, because Paradise is perhaps the best set of literary songs written by Dante, a well-known poet who died in the city of Ravenna, the province where our roasting company operates and is based.

In addition to renewing all the packaging, the new line of single-origin coffees and SPECIALTY coffees is born.


Paradiso ACADEMY is born, it is not just a training room but also a place where you can share knowledge and train roasting customers. All the courses held in Paradiso ACADEMY follow the modules dictated by SCA and LAGS for maximum all-round learning.