Relive the origin

Thanks to one of the best importers of specialty coffee in Italy we were able to import this fantastic single origin directly from the Brazilian farm Finca Cerro Alto, our most important value is transparency and for this reason we provide the direct import certificate.

  • Region: Cerrado Mineiro
  • Farmer: Finca Cerro Alto
  • Variety: Acaia and Mundo Novo
  • Process: natural
  • Taste: malt, cereals and chocolate

The territory

The Cerrado Mineiro region, located in the north-east of the state of Minas Gerais, is recognized worldwide for the high quality of its coffees with an annual production of about five million bags and over two hundred thousand hectares cultivated. Furthermore, Cerrado Mineiro was the first Brazilian region to be recognized PDO, demonstrating the link between the product and its territory.

The tropical climate alternates between a dry winter and a humid summer, making this region ideal for growing Coffea.

The processing

In most Arabica producing countries, coffees are processed using the washed method, but in Brazil almost all coffee is natural processed . After careful harvesting of the ripe berries from June to September, the beans are selected and exposed to the sun for 8/10 days, up to a maximum of four weeks. The outer layer of the dried berry is then removed with a glossing process before the beans are selected, classified and packaged in 60 kg grain pro bags.

In the cup

One of the main characteristics of Brazilian coffees is their excellent body. In espresso this single origin has a cream with a fine texture, the palate is clear with hints of malt, chocolate and an aftertaste of cereals and hazelnuts.

Monorigin recommended for all extraction methods but especially for espresso and moka.

For a better espresso experience, we recommend that you follow our recipe:

  • Water temperature: 94.5 ° C
  • Grams in: 18 g
  • Grams out: 30 g
  • Pre-infusion: 4 seconds
  • Total extraction: 30 seconds

Download the certificate