The French Press or Cafetiere in French, is a coffee extraction method invented during the mid-nineteenth century in France to prepare a coffee quickly and easily.

Its operation is almost trivial, the container is filled with hot water and coffee, left to infuse and filtered by exerting slow pressure on the piston where there is a steel filter.

For this extraction method we recommend our specialty roasted filters, in case you do not have a grinder, all our coffees are available already ground for French press (you can make your choice at the time of purchase).

Recommended recipe for 300 ml French press

  • Brew Ratio (ratio between grams of water and coffee): 1 gram of coffee – 17 grams of water
  • Coffee dose: 15 grams
  • Water dose: 255 grams
  • Grind: coarse (800 – 1000 micron)
  • Water temperature: 90 – 93 ° C
  • Average extraction time: 5 minutes

Recipe recommended by Gabriele Asioli, owner, roaster, 2nd generation of Torrefazione Paradiso and founder of Paradiso ACADEMY.