Voilà 312

This machine uses single-dose capsules / pods of roasted coffee allowing you to always obtain an excellent coffee as at the bar.

 A particular system located within the machine allows, to the opening of the drawer, the automatic removal of the used pods / capsule by sliding it inside the collection compartment positioned at the base of the machine itself which can contain 50 pcs. The compartment collection of used pods / capsules is separate from the drip tray and makes it easier emptying both trays.

 Designed and built entirely in Italy, it is made of high quality materials: a sheet steel body treated and varnished with thermosetting epoxy powder, brass boiler, metal internal parts and a convenient stainless steel warming cup shelf. Its primary characteristics are practicality, reliability, long life and low maintenance.

 The model in addition to the CL semi-automatic version is also available in the DA version (automatic dosage) where you have the ability to program the volume dispensing of coffee: long coffee or strong coffee.

 NB: the programming is done via the flow meter and not via timer, this allows you to always get the correct doses of coffee.

 Easy to use, the machine is particularly suitable for offices, businesses, shops and small communities.

 Preparation of espresso:

• Open the front drawer

• Place the pod / capsule in its seat

• Close the drawer and press the power button

 Here it is an excellent Italian espresso. Next time you will open the front drawer the used pod / capsule will be automatically removed from its seat, living the place to a new pod / capsule for the next espresso.


• Body made of sheet steel painted with thermosetting epoxy powder

• 3lt Tank with indicator and stop for lack of water

• Stainless steel cup warmer

• Automatic ejection of pod / capsule after use

• Practical pods / capsules storage collect full (in the DA version)