Single Origin India Robusta


India, with its beautifully exotic tones, is the second Asian producer and the eighth in the world of bags of coffee a year.

All Indian coffee is grown in the shade, to respect the environment and the ecosystem, allowing a slower maturation and allowing the surrounding crops perfumes to enrich the fruits. The production areas are in the south of India and in the ancient Manamboli plantation at an altitude between 800-1000 meters.

Indian coffee is classified in “Plantation Coffees” Arabica processed with the washed method, “Cherry” processed with the natural method and “Parchment Coffees” Robusta processed with the washed method is usually among the best in the world. Single-origin known for its amazing features: clean, faultless and with a pleasant smell of vanilla.

Intense aroma, which scents is reminiscent of toasted bread and spicy wood, with a thick, persistent and consistent cream. Balanced body, of medium intensity, almost no acidity, mild coffee but sweet. The taste is balanced, with a slight sweet note of woodiness on the aftertaste that evolves into a persistent sensation of toasted hazelnuts and spicy and chocolatey with a vague hint of caramelized brown sugar.

WORKING PROCES: complete wash with fermentation.

BLOOM: from March to April.

HARVEST: from January to April.

TIP: particularly appreciated after a meal due to its sweetness and unique flavor.