Single Origin Etiopia Arabica


There are many legends about the origin of coffee, the best known is said that a shepherd named Kaldi, led to graze goats in Ethiopia and one day they met a coffee plant and the goats began to eat the berries and chewing the leaves.

But instead of going to sleep, they began to wander very brightly, so the shepherd curiously began to toast the seeds of the plant eaten by his flock, to grind them and after having made an infusion, obtained coffee. Coffee is Ethiopia’s gift to the world.

Located in southern Ethiopia, the Sidamo region is known for its quality Arabica. The coffee grows wild on the slopes of the hills at an altitude ranging from 1200 to 1900 meters on sea the level.

In this area it is cultivated in the coffee gardens, small plots where coffee grows in the shade of other plants, often of banana trees and other plants allowing the plants to capture fantastic aromatic sensations.

Single-origin is known for its very intense, shows a soft richness, a hazel cream, it first caresses the palate with a cardamom and rose liqueur sensation, fruit and spices to then leave room to a creamy and persistent aftertaste, it presents hints of citrus (lemon, orange and bergamot).

Grade 2 indicates the certainty of a good coffee, excellent quality.

WORKING PROCESS: manually collected, washed method “the beans are cleaned, pulped, fermented and washed before drying , making the bean ready for toasting”

BLOOM: from March to June.

HARVEST: natural Arabica from October to April. Washed Arabica from June to December.

TIP: very appreciated in the morning to recharge due to its sparkling aroma. Coffee destined to occupy a special place for those who taste it.