Single Origin Colombia Supremo


Colombia is famous for its excellent cafés, renowned throughout the world. Situated between the Western Cordillera and Eastern Cordillera, its humid subtropical climate, the altitude of about 1700 meters, its abundant rainfall, the very fertile volcanic soile, those all combined contributes to produce an excellent quality coffee, appreciated for its particular sweetness. To this date, Colombia is the largest producer of washed Arabica and the third in the world after Brazil and Vietnam.

Single origin Colombia Supremo Rio Magdalena 18, characterized by the presence of a significant cut and a particularly appealing taste for his absolutely not citric acidity, known for its rich flavor and richness with tones of hazelnut, chocolate, hints of caramel and toasted bread, its very sweet taste, very persisistent aftertaste of dark chocolate and raisins, easily digestible.

WORKING PROCESS: manually collected, washed and dried in the sun.

BLOOM: Main runs from January to March. Secondary from July to September.

HARVEST: mainly from September to December. The secondary crop (Mitaca) from April to June.

TIP: a cafe for those who want new sensations