Signle Origin Tanzania Kilimangiaro


Africa is playing a always more important role in world production of coffee. The economy of Tanzania is one of the poorest in the world and is mainly based on agriculture and the cultivation of coffee is one of the most important sources of income. The territory is desert, whereas in the mountains the vegetation is presented with tropical characteristics, which indicates optimal conditions for growing coffee. The arabica coffee grown in Tanzania, also referred to as the Kilimanjaro coffee is mostly worked with humidity. The coffee plantations are accompanied by typical shade plants of the forest vegetation or from useful plants such as banana trees which leaves protect from sunlight.

Tanzania single-origin AA, has a good roasting, strong richness and delicate acidity with raw honey aftertaste, with dark cream and golden hues.

On the palate leaves a pleasantly persistent sweet taste, hints of chocolate with a nice base of rhubarb, there is some clear grain, in the cup is shown as a fine and full coffee.

WORKING PROCESS: Jumidity processed coffee

BLOOM: primary from March to April. Secondary from October to November

HARVEST: the main from October to December. Secondary from July to September

HARVEST METHOD: fruit picking by hand

TIP: to be enjoyed at any time of the day with tranquility