This is the beginning of a long history of success, knowledge and passion:

THE TOBIA’S brand is linked to the name of Asioli Family, at the beginning Paolo, which was still a boy, began working with a charcoal working roaster in a small village shop.

In 1964, Paolo, founder of the brand, decided to open a roasting  managing to pass on to his son Gabriele all the secrets, roasting technique and passion for quality.

The son Gabriele, since childhood in the coffee world, continued his father’s footsteps, whose still in the company, combining the history, origin and excellent coffee processing, bringing technological innovations and marketing innovations, making it possible to successfully compete on the international market, able to move and to enhance the quality of a high-end product all in the best Italian  artisan tradition.

From the union of these qualities now comes the “new” and more innovative TORREFAZIONE CAFFE’ PARADISO  while maintaining the quality of the products, the craftsmanship but with the awareness of a new image, modern and elegant.


Gabriele asioli

As a child, my parents taught me that the real secret of a coffee depends not only on product quality but also in expressing an honest lifestyle system, respectful, responsible, integrity and self-critical; working ALWAYS WITH PASSION towards employees, customers and partners


One thing of which we are very proud of , is the choice of raw materials always characterized by the passion with which they are produced, passion for the ingredients and for the people.

WE BUY always and only raw coffee from the most prestigious plantations from three continents, ensuring a high level of quality, we select quality Arabica intense but delicate flavor and variety of Robusta with stronger and richer taste, from which will be born our best blends.

Paradiso  coffee has chosen to grow in the commercial sector but decided to respect the artisan production process. Our TRADITIONAL COFFEE ROASTING requires much more time than industrial roasting. Each of our coffee is roasted individually to meet the ideal roasting profiles.

WE ROAST coffee with a drum machine Petroncini rotating with a discontinuous cycle, adopting a slow roasting system with variable cycles between 16 and 25 minutes to further enhance the aromatic notes of arabica coffee and to get the best of robusta coffee.

Our master roasting expert probing a coffee sample, examines the color and appearance of the beans and decides whether to stop or continue cooking.

The coffee are cooled in air flow without resorting to quenching and  water cooling. We make it go from 210°C to 35°C in 4 minutes to avoid over roasting and preserve the organoleptic properties of the product to the desired level. At this point it is mixed and brought in the silos where it will remain for about ten days for maturation.

Only after this long process the coffee is ready for packaging and to delight every taste enthusiasts.

PACKAGING varies from family size packs, bars size packs from 1 and 3 kg, capsule, coffee pod in vacuum or in a controlled atmosphere to ensure better product quality.

Our rigorously secret mixtures, are the result of a perfect combination of the best qualities of coffee according to precise recipes. The final goal of our master roaster is to compose mixtures which may reach a balance between color, body, flavor and aroma, a result that only Coffee Paradiso can guarantee.

Weekly tests are performed on various products, filling out the evaluation forms which will be controlled by the quality control that analyzes whether there are significant differences and / or positive and negative characteristics of each product.

Our laboratory will take care of all chemical tests – physical and microbiological analysis on raw materials and finished products.