The word “ginseng” is derived from the Chinese “Jen-Shen” that is plant-man, the plant’s strength lies in its strange tap root that can vaguely remember the silhouette of a human body.

Native to the mountainous areas, this plant has been used as source of energy and health from the most ancient populations, as reflected in the names of  “divine herb” and “root of life”. The use of ginseng as a medicinal plant has ancient origins, for centuries in the East it is known as “the medicine of harmony” among all the Eastern tradition remedies, its the best known and the most widely used in the West.

The ginseng coffee gives many therapeutic benefits to our body and also has energizing effects. Among the benefits includes increasing the body’s resistance to stress factors, improves appetite and stimulates digestion, improves resistance to fatigue, relieves the tiredness, strengthens the immune system, it helps blood circulation and improves the ability to concentrate.

Coffee “ginseng Paradiso” is a modern type of coffee, the flavor is intense and bitter at first then it leaves a pleasantly sweet and rich aftertaste.

AVAILABLE in 500g pack