A particular coffee produced by a small group of Sulawesi Island families who manually collect only the red and ripe berries which are then placed in wooden barrels and washed with pure water.

The stripping process is carried out manually and the mucilage is removed with continuous rinsing until all the sugary residues are removed.

For the drying process the wet parchment is uniformly placed on the mats under the sun and continuously moved until the process is finalized.

At the end the coffee bean is freed from the parchment and only from the intense green color are selected for shipping that takes place inside the characteristic palm wood barrels produced by the same community.

This coffee is characterized by its particular body associated with a low acidity, with intense aromas of chocolate and undergrowth.

Botanical species: bourbon

Region: Toraya

Town Hall: Island of Sulawesi

Altitude: 1400/1900 meters

Harvesting period: June / September

Flowering period: November / February

Processing: washed with pure water by hand (see photo)

Crivello: 19

Package: 250 gr.