Intense Italian Blend Nespresso Compatible



Defined by it’s distinctive nature, body composed by a blend mixes of asian sturdy and central american arabica, it unleashes the exotic taste of its origins and reveals a mix of cocoa and toasted bread notes, with fruity and malty flavors.

The fineness of the grinding allows to obtain a dense body, a very full and full-bodied coffee with intense hazelnut notes.

PRODUCT: Coffee blend capsules compatible with machines which uses Nespresso Capsule System.

QUANTITY: 550 grams (100 pz.)

USES: Nespresso capsule machines.

PACKAGING: packaged in aluminum, single-dose, in a protective atmosphere.

**”Nespresso” is a registered trademark by Sociéte des Produits S.A.. We do not own the brand name, neither the properties.**