The green coffee is a blend of classical varieties of coffee among the most cultivated, raw, namely not roasted and for this reason it does not possess the characteristical dark brown color but instead it is green as the natural seeds are. The roasting process changes many properties of the seed, first difference is the amount of caffeine contained, it is lower in the roasted coffee. In the green coffee CAFFEINE is NOT FREE, but due to chlorogenic acid (a powerful antioxidant) which forms the clorogenato, from which it derives a much slower absorption by the mucous membranes and a much longer remaining time in the blood stream.

Another difference is the amount of polyphenols contained in the raw seeds which is greater than the one contained in the roasted coffee, as the roasting process causes a decrease of these active principles, the same holds true for the vitamins and mineral salts that are present in higher quantities in the green coffee.

Last difference, is the pH namely the value of acidity / basicity of a food: not worked green coffee has a pH value of approximately 5 while the roasted coffee value is between 3 and 3.5, and being close to a value tha’s almost neutral  makes it less detrimental effect on the gastric mucosa.

For the right dosage it is always best to follow the instructions on the label of the products, however, in general, for an extract that contains 45% of active ingredient and a maximum of 2% of caffeine,  an intake of 200 mg half an hour before the three main meals is sufficient for an effective action.

4 are the main benefits of employing green coffee:

•    fat metabolism
•    blood glucose control
•    antioxidant action
•    anti-inflammatory action

Womens tend to prefer green coffe due to its slimming effect. The “fat burning” functions and reduction of lipid’s absorption are a great helper for weight loss and appreciate the results in short time, but if also associated with a correct and balanced diet supplemented with physical activity.

AVAILABLE: 250 g ground pack