Faema Legend E61

1945 – 2015

Seventy years of history, the history of a company that has made history. The history of industrial and industrious Italy, made of successes, challenges and moments of glory; the story of a company that has brought its brand on top of the highest peak, that of belonging to a world in which good and beautiful blends. A story that all of Faema fans live with their heart, a heart that beats for a common passion, espresso coffee. A passion that Faema celebrates presenting his undisputed symbol, the E61, limited edition.

 Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate the 70 Faema, make sure to have a E61 Legend Limited Edition and enter the legend.


• 1 Hot water wands

• 1 Steam wands (S2)

• 2 Steam wands (S3)

• Adjustable thermal balancing system

• Boiler capacity (S2 11 litri ) – (S3 17.5 liters)

• Width ( S2 715 mm) – (S3 955 mm) Depth ( S2 540 mm) – (S3 540 mm) Height ( S2 mm 565) – (S3 565 mm)