A coffee originating in the state of Karnataka. It is a robust Kaapi Royal classified “AAA“. Very rare for a robust Indian.

As the “Caffè del Beduino” is collected, sorted, selected and then bagged by hand. The water in the processing tanks is renewed with each wash. It is so carefully prepared for the Bedouin tribes living in the Arab deserts that they roast and routinely consume the best coffees in the world in their oases.

To make it logistically manageable and easily manageable for long journeys in the desert, and to be used by the various components of the same tribe, it is placed in these particular 10 kg bags.

A homogeneous coffee in a cup and sweet, full-bodied, round and clean.

Town Hall: Mysore
Altitude: 1000 meters
Collection period: November / March
Flowering period: June / September
Processing: washed
Crivello: 18AAA