A coffee produced in the heights of the city of Mysore, located about 150 km from Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Caffè del Beduino is the result of the most accurate plantations that are located at the maximum height in which coffee is grown (1500/1700 m above sea level).

It is collected, sorted, selected and then bagged by hand. It is a washed Arabica, classified “AAA”, which is very rare for Mysore and for all of India. It is so carefully prepared for the Bedouin tribes living in the Arab deserts that they roast and routinely consume the best coffees in the world in their oases.

In the cup it is particularly sweet, floral and aromatic, clean.

Town Hall: Mysore
Altitude: 1600 meters
Collection period: October / February
Flowering period: March / July
Processing: washed
Crivello: 18/19 AAA