The history of chocolate begins in the mystery of the mists of times, in the middle of a continent that’s not called America yet, where a thick forest stretches and in the shade of giant trees grew a thin and light sapling with dark green leaf,  yellow flowers and large fruits similar to pumpkins. Since then the fruits were a treasure, a top-quality food for animals. One day a man picked up the fruit of the cacao tree, appreciated his nourishing pulp and deliciously sour and it spread its consumption. Later he discover that he could also use the seeds after being dried on sun, roasted and crushed between two stones. However no one will ever know exactly through what miracle, in what place and in what precise moment the chocolate was born.

All plants of cacao in the world belong to the genus Theobroma, which literally means drink of the gods. Today botanists identify different varieties, but only three are grown to produce cocoa: Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario.

The Criollo is “the Maya’s chocolate tree”, considered the tree with the best seeds, the Forastero originates from high Amazon and it’s considered the Latin American cocoa par excellence, the Trinity is the crossbreed between the two previous varieties.

The fruit of the cacao tree are very colorful. Some are red, others lemon yellow, passing through all the shades of the palette. The maturation is identified by color and sometimes according to the noises that make the seeds inside the fruit when shacked.

Usually the seeds are not transformed into chocolate in the country that produces them. The manufacturing of chocolate requires a series of very delicate operations and wise dosages for the mixing of different varieties of seeds. In handicraft production quality also depends on the proportion of sugar and added ingredients such as milk and vanilla. Each chocolate makers jealously guards its recipe…

The consumption of chocolate has many benefits among which stimulates the release of endorphin which can increase the good mood

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