Caffè Oasis

At the Torrefazione Caffè Paradiso you can find the shop of our corporate headquarters.

THE COFFEE OASIS“, very charming shop, a meeting place immersed in a lovely green area, where merges the search for taste, the exchange of ideas and tranquility to choose and sample our quality blends and enjoy a relaxing break.

Let yourself be captivated by the delicacies of our coffees, chocolates, teas, herbal teas, liqueurs, confectionery; by the elegance of the Ceramic line, from our lovely corner shop. Helped by our friendly and helpful employees that will answer your questions and curiosity choosing the right gift idea.

The Coffee Oasis offers a wide selection of blends and coffee, single-origin beans, ground and soluble. Not only black coffee but also green coffee and alternative beverages for all machines such as barley, ginseng, chamomile tea, guaranà, chocolate, green tea, black tea and other flavors. And much more, many delicious products related to the world of coffee (sugar, chocolates) always made by craftsmen and of high quality.

In the “coffee oasis” you can find original and compatible products of each brand of coffee on the market today, this means being able to supply the consumable to every customer who will cross the door of our shop without necessarily having to convince you to change the coffee machine.

We also specialize in packaging coffee pods and capsules for catering use, office and home. The finished product is made entirely with traditional methods and in small quantities.

The packaging system for pod and capsule allows you to keep all the flavor and richness of real slowly roasted coffee, ensuring the fragrance and genuineness. All varieties are packed in practical and comfortable pods made of highly ecological food filter paper in a controlled atmosphere, allowing for maximum cleaning, the aroma preservation of coffee and the maintenance of the product over time.

The Oasis caffee also specializes in the sale and free loan for use of espresso coffee machines for bars, restaurants and clubs in general, pod and capsule machines, as well as cups and a mix of personalized services.

pannello-gabrieleA conclusion of this scenic tour take in consideration to linger in our Conservation of endangered species Center, located at our Torrefazione and born thanks to the passion for nature which always present.

Currently our center hosts mainly aquatic birds, most of which are reproducing regularly. A small number of parrots and a discreet

number of tortoises complete the center.

The key words for the conservation of endangered species are: intensive management and cooperation between the various public institutions and private collections.

Headquartered in Amsterdam’s zoo, arise the E.E.P. (European Endangered Species Program) created with the aim of coordinating the breeding programs of the species most threatened with extinction. The centers like ours are beloved places especially from children where they can learn to love and respect animals. We carry out guided tours for our clients on appointment at our specialized center.