Blend Deca Sesto Senso

When ones hear of decaffeinated coffee, it gets the impression that this is an altered coffee still not comparable to the whole coffee.

Mistaken !!!

If it is a good raw coffee from the start, when it is processed with modern decaffeination technology and if it is prepared properly in the cup, when tasted, even a perfect coffee expert would’t recognize the difference from an Italian espresso.

In our mixture sesto senso  the extraction of caffeine is a very complex procedure that makes use only of water as the extraction solvent. Our decaffeinated coffee is deprived also of much of the wax and then will be also much more digestible.

Naturally sesto senso is almost deprived of caffeine. It is a fine taste for the palate, delicate and pleasant with a soft cream, light, enveloping and tanned.

ORIGIN: American Arabica Coffee and Robusta African and Asian Coffee.

AVAILABLE in 1000 gr packs.