100% Arabica Monorigin

Good or bad, everyone knows that there are two kinds of coffee, that is arabica and robust.

The arabica has 44 chromosomes, or twice the robust, which has 22.

The most significant differences are in the oil content (arabica 0.9% -1.7% – robust 1.6% – 2.8%)

The arabica cultivation areas can therefore vary greatly. The arabica is the most widespread species: it grows in soils rich in minerals, better if of volcanic origin, between 600 and 2000 meters of altitude.

The beans have a flat and elongated shape, its coffee is sweeter because it has oils in greater quantities and finer, it is sweeter because it has more sugars and less bitter due to the lower content of caffeine with a more or less marked acidity and with intense aromatic sensations.

A perfect espresso prepared with a washed Arabica coffee, will be presented with a delicate and glossy livery, dark hazelnut color and gently striped, its cream is compact to the eye.

It will be rightly dense on the palate, with a sweet taste, with a delicate aromatic acidity and nicely bitter.

AVAILABLE in 1000 gr packs.